Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Cosplay Wig

* Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Cosplay Wig

* Length: 55cm

* Color: Multicolor

* Fiber: Heat Resistant Fiber

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Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Cosplay Wig

Anime/ Video Games Kingdom Hearts II
Characters Roxas
Category Cosplay Wigs
Wig Fiber Heat Resistant Fiber
Wig Type Short
Wig Length (cm) 35
Trend Hot
Color Golden
Net Weight (kg) 0.17
Advantage the Wigs:

1. The Wig is supple and easy to care.

2. The Wig could bear the high temperature for 180 degree.

3. The Wig incorporates inner cap with high quality.


Learn More About This Product
Putting the wig cap on:
Step 1: The wig cap is open in two directions; gently pull it straight from the top of the head to the neck.  Cosplay Wig
Step 2: Let the side with lock down and use two hands to pull the other side with lock, until all the wig cap cover your hair. Make sure that all your hair is secure back in the cap.  Cosplay Wig
Step 3: Adjust the cap to your hair line. And then move your hand into the hair cap and make the hair even. Then use small clip to fix the hair back of head, not on the top.  Cosplay Wig
Step 4: It's better to fix the hair in both sides, after the 4 steps, you finished wearing the wig caps.
 Cosplay Wig
Putting the wig on:
Step 1: Before you wear the wigs, it's necessary to comb wigs neatly. But if it's curly hair, you just need to shake it and it would be OK.  Cosplay Wig
Step 2: You could adjust the size of the wigs to fit your head. There are many positions for the hairpins. You could ask the people around to adjust for you.  Cosplay Wig
Step 3: The wig should feel secure, but not too tight. If needed, you can adjust the size with the Velcro tabs inside the wig. You could spray some water on the wigs, and then adjust it to the style you like.  Cosplay Wig
Cleaning the wig:
 Cosplay Wig  Cosplay Wig  Cosplay Wig  Cosplay Wig  Cosplay Wig  Cosplay Wig

First, you need to comb through the wig gently so that any tangles could be removed. Then you need to turn the inside out. It's necessary to follow the instructions and use specially formulated wig shampoo to wash the wig.

Usually, it's better to use color water, and use shampoo in the proportion of one tenth of the water. Then soak the wig in the color for 15 seconds. And then swirl the wig gently for a few moments in the shampoo water, being careful not to rub the wig.

After that use clean water to re-wash it for few time untill no shampoo. Then use a towel to suck the excess water in the wig. Don't wire it in hands, and it's better to let it dry naturally in the shade.





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