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“One Piece” – the three forces

One Piece

One Piece

No.1 Navy

Navy is the world government directly under the body to absolute justice in the name of maintaining law and order in the world’s oceans work. In particular, the Navy headquarters is one of the great route of the three forces. On the surface of the sea is to maintain law and order in the world, that “absolute justice.” But many people are ruthless, absolutely not imagine simple.


No.2 Four Huang

Is the anime “One Piece” in the four figures collectively, Wu and Wang next seven seas and naval headquarters, and called the great route of the three forces. Four Huang is recognized by the world of the four pirates pirates, in the latter half of the great waterway dominate, like the emperor-like monarchs in the New World, hence the name.


No.3 Kings seven Wu Hai

World Government recognized seven big pirates, robbery and other acts can be forgiven world government, but it should give a certain amount of property harvests world government, most are reluctant to take orders from seven weapons at sea and naval world government, seven Wu Hai strength and prowess are notorious enough to deter most people, seven members of Wu Hai is also available with the national match the enormous combat power. WU Hai became seven when the arrest warrant was originally reward will stop, although seven WU Hai under the table will still be organized evil party behavior, but most of the world governments eye, close one eye.


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