Spirited Away Cosplay Guide

Spirited Away is an animated feature film directed by Miyazaki Hayao, screenwriter and Ghibli studio. The film tells the story of ogino chihiro Chihiro accidentally came to God after the world.



Name: Spirited Away

Other names: 千 と 千寻 の 神 隠 し

Type: story, animation, fantasy

Area: Japan

Language: Japanese



10-year-old girl ogino chihiro moved with her parents from the city to the countryside. Did not expect on the way to move, one family accident. They enter the peculiar world dominated by the Soup House Witch – where non-working people will be turned into animals. ogino chihiro’s parents because of gluttony turned into pigs, ogino chihiro in order to save father and mother experienced a lot of hardships during which she met Nigihayami Kohakunushi, a smart and cold juvenile, after going through a lot of things, ogino chihiro last Rescued Mom and Dad, saved Nigihayami Kohakunushi.

Spirited Away Cosplay

Spirited Away Cosplay

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